What’s Making Your Tap Water Turn Brown?

It’s quite a shock to switch on your shower or sink in the morning only to find it spewing icky brown water. It undoubtedly stops the entire morning routine in its tracks. What do you do once the amazement has worn off? First off, why is the water brown? Is it harmful to my family’s health? Will it naturally disappear? The list of questions is endless, but what matters most is how you handle this situation and get your home’s water supply back to normal.

Why you may have brown water

If you have brown water coming from your pipes, rust is probably the cause of your issue somewhere in your pipeline. Internal rusting of galvanized iron pipes can cause rust flakes to dissolve in your water, turning it an unpleasant color of brown.
Additionally, the brown water may be coming from your hot water heater. A sacrificial anode rod is used in water heaters to prevent the interior of the tank from rusting. Your hot water tank’s interior will start to rust if that sacrificial anode rod is completely consumed and not replaced.

If a pipe, the question of which pipe is rusting and where it is in the pipeline is altogether another. If you are connected to a municipal water system, the issue could be coming from a rusted city line. If not, the questioned pipe is likely located on your property. Ask your city over the phone if there have been any complaints about rusty water in your neighborhood. It’s time to contact Advanced Plumbing’s experts if they haven’t yet received any.

Water Use in the Home

The water thus is brown. That doesn’t mean life can come to an end! Simply put, it indicates that for a while, much of the ease of flowing water is being lost. Washing your garments in brown water may cause the rust to damage the majority of bright colors, notably white. We also do not advise using rusty water for cleaning or cooking. To tide you over until the issue is rectified, we advise going to laundromats and buying big jugs of fresh water at your neighborhood convenience shop.
The toilet, on the other hand, needs to function normally.