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What to Do If Your House Has Low Water Pressure

One of the frequent plumbing issues that homeowners occasionally encounter is low water pressure. Nothing is more annoying than turning on the hot water faucet or the shower only to get a trickle.

Low water pressure in your home is not only an annoyance, but it may also be an indication of a plumbing problem that needs to be fixed right away.

At Advanced Plumbing, we are dedicated to serving both residential and commercial clients with all of their plumbing requirements, including leak detection and low water pressure.

In this post, we’ll examine the reasons why a home’s water pressure is low and offer solutions.

Check Your Water Meter Valve

Your home’s low water pressure could be caused by problems with the main water valve. You can notice a variation in water pressure if the water meter valve isn’t fully open.

A partially closed water meter valve may be to blame if you’re experiencing low water pressure after having repairs done on your home.

Finding the valve and fully opening it is the only step required to fix a partially closed water meter valve.

Check Your Pressure Regulator

A broken pressure regulator is one of the reasons why there is low water pressure in a home. The pressure regulator, like other plumbing appliances, is susceptible to damage for a number of causes, which might result in an abrupt drop in water pressure.

Each fixture in your house will be affected if the pressure regulator malfunctions. If you believe that your low water pressure may be caused by a malfunctioning water pressure, contact a local plumber to examine the problem and offer a fix.

A pressure regulator is not a fixture in every home. This solution is not for you if you don’t have one.

Fix Water Pipe Leaks

Before the water gets to your faucet spout and other fixtures, leaking pipes may siphon it off, leaving you with barely a trickle. Call a qualified plumber to do accurate leak detection and repair any leaking pipes if you believe that a leaky pipe may be the root of your home’s low water pressure.

Shut off all of the water in your home and check to see if the water meter is still moving to determine whether you have a leak.

Clean Up Blocked Water Lines

Water pressure may be impacted by clogged pipes. Invading tree roots, mineral deposit buildup from hard water, and pipe corrosion can all cause your pipes to get stuck. Over time, clogs can reduce the piping’s diameter, resulting in reduced water pressure. If you hear loud gurgling sounds coming from the pipes, your water lines are probably obstructed.

A skilled plumber can evaluate your pipes and provide you a remedy if you have clogged pipes.

Low water pressure may occasionally be a result of problems with the water provider. In order to learn if your water provider is having any problems, you might need to call them first.

Call Advanced Plumbing for assistance if you need to address low water pressure in your home.